Most days you'll find me hanging out in my Merona pj's, answering emails from my home office with dry-shampoo'd hair in a messy pony and a drooly, demanding baby boy at my ankles.  I'm a tardy carpool driver, Lunchable packing, fish sticks for dinner kinda mom with a knack for text-message party invitations.  My friends tell me I'm a soft place to land with a quick wit and a blatent hatred for all things laundry and high-maintenance.  

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photography style

My photography style is the best of raw and elegant wrapped into one.  Fresh, yet classic.  Unposed, but directed.  Given the choice, I would always choose to photograph a baby in their mother's arms rather than alone.  As a mother, myself, I understand the desire to capture clean, happy images...but I also embrace the messy, because that's what motherhood is and I'm choosing to remember ALL of it.

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